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Extinction Is Boring – Dodge The Rads

22 Apr

Did you happen to read this article yet?

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION in Your Radiation This Week – So What? Here’s What!

It may appeal more to the left – brain thinkers in our networks. It is written for your benefit. I already know how powerful the information provided by Nichols about nuclear extinction is.

Go direct. There’s nothing fluffy about Nuclear War and the information Bob Nichols provides, around the globe. View the archives also. Be sure to subscribe to the Your Radiation This Week YouTube channel. “You Tube It” #YTI

I stopped reading the alleged anti-nuker crowd propaganda for things like one of their leaders encouraging young Americans to ‘run naked in the streets of Hanford’ (one of the top ten most radioactive places on the planet’) to protest nuclear power plants.

Another one of their ilk, a self-proclaimed proponent of nuclear power, said in 2011 he didn’t want to cause any alarms about Fukushima. He’s made a living off promoting the slogan, ‘there’s no immediate danger’ to the unsuspecting public, huh?

Hmph, if a leader won’t sound the alarms over an ELE, what is their criteria for sounding legitimate alarms? The ice wall at Fukushima starts to melt? A wild Geiger-countered monkey survived a few minutes longer than a robot at Fukushima, so it’s cause for elation? “Nobody died at TMI”…. The theme carries on, doesn’t it? Those money trails lead to Langley, according to urban legends. Who knows. Who cares.

What did the army and corporate media tell people back in 1945? (I wasn’t here yet, can’t say for sure….but I can attest to the ongoing lies of matters nuclear. D’oh!) Even Time Magazine did a trial story in 2012 about meltdowns averted… now they collectively scrub the internet as they re-write history. Speaking of which, you know the questions about the #Plutonium and Fuku, right? None of ‘The Hill People’ are talking yet, huh? Hmmmmmmmm, no surprise there, either.

Back in March 2011, when I read on the internet that there were triple nuclear meltdowns in progress at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan…. I knew enough to know that was NOT A GOOD THING. “MELTDOWNS” – Uncontained and uncontainable — have destroyed our planet. Bummer. Who cares? Not too many! :/

You can “thank a democrat” or be more focused and “THANK A PRO-NUKER” for our collective shortened life spans. Take some solace in knowing some may even believe their own propaganda, or they are just sonderkommando. Karma is what it is.

In any event, they go with us, and chances are good….many go ahead of us because they will TAKE NO PRECAUTIONS. Start with a video on Defense Against the Psychopath? #YTI ! ;D

Some intellectually arrogant knucklehead recently suggested that my posts on nuclear are on par with National Enquirer content, and the LinkedIn member seemed to have extreme lack of regard for America’s military personnel, as well as our general population.

I think he was American but his attacks were… hardly guarded.

I tried to be polite in my response, but since Fukushima, I have lots of experience dealing with troll-type mentalities. Heck, post WorkComp, I’m an expert in fending off psychopaths!

So, that said, here’s one of my own favorite writings so far this year… I put a great deal of thought into it—it wasn’t just SHOOTING FROM THE HIP! I wanted to choose words carefully to help you understand what’s going on.

It may help you grasp the harsh and horrible realities we are facing, and that corporate media and their benefactors might prefer that you don’t even think about.

Like their trolls say over on Facebook, “don’t worry people with facts. Don’t encourage taking precautions. Let them them just die peacefully, shedding their bodies and ascending to the heavens…”

WHO KNOWS WHERE THE PRO-NUKERS FIND SUCH PEOPLE. A swath of them, a few years back, commandeered a few of my groups with such nonsense, then had the audacity to ask if they could have the groups since I wouldn’t fight with them. What clowns, huh?



Facing a Dying Nation – Most Radioactive Cities Across America 3/25/17 Bob Nichols, “TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION in Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10”

From the series, Your Radiation This Week – since 4/3/15

Summary by Lucy Occupy & Friends

“TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION in Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10” by Bob Nichols clearly advises of and warns about Radiation levels across the United States of America. This report’s calculations are based on radiation charts and graphs of the EPA in CPM and Sievert measurements and by the EPA based reporting of NETC, an LLC. Readers gain the benefit of Nichols’ years of reporting on nuclear disasters around the world.

The radiation levels in the USA have reached alarming and dangerous levels, and corporate media, the EPA and the White House continue to remain aloof.

All reporting cities are above normal. Precautions are necessary for human life extending survival. “Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases and steam at nights and on weekends that all residents must stay inside at nights and on weekends. Especially hard hit are the cities listed in YRTW ELE…”

It is inconvenient to ‘take precautions’ recommended, and the dying majority of Americans would apparently prefer not to deal with the harsh nuclear realities. They instead subscribe to the Japanese hokum that “smiling people do not get radiation poisoning” as a sole precaution.

This article applauds the Super Lawyer and the legal team in the recent lawsuit win against Tokyo Electric Power Company [TEPCO] and the Japanese government for liability in the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Nichols refers to the radiation levels across the USA with the acronym ELE, which stands for Extinction Level Event and states, “I believe the amount of Rad in the air Now Dooms Humanity to a quick extinction. I can’t say it any plainer than that.”

Who benefits by the EPA refusal to report the gamma radiation levels across the USA? While the current EPA is facing budgetary cutbacks and approximately 3,000 job losses, it is clear that ‘somebody isn’t doing their job.’ Those who benefit are the nuclear lobbies and their clients, and their leased/owned bureaucrats and politicians. Who loses? Humanity.

Corporate media has also remained aloof on the subject matter of domestic radiation poisoning, although the Your Radiation This Week series is widely shared electronically around the world, and redistributed in various online publications, in whole and in part with links back to the original site, or plagiarized without references and attributions.

Nichols assiduously reminds his readers to take precautions because “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute or CPM. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.” Quote from ‘Your Radiation This Week’ Apr 3, 2015.

While many of the anti-nuclear and fake-anti-nuclear articles will discuss merely cesium, or strontium or plutonium, they generally omit the fact that ‘All Nuclear Reactors Leak All Of The Time, Some More than Others – on purpose’ and that there are 1,946 known lethal isotopes. Nichols starts many of his articles with this statement:

“Notice: It is necessary for public health and because the many nuclear reactors are venting radioactive gases and steam at nights and on weekends that all residents must stay inside at nights and on weekends. Especially hard hit are the cities listed in YRTW ELE. See the latest Your Radiation This Week for the most recent list of contaminated cities. – Bob Nichols”

Nichols closes each of his reports with the following statement:

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.”


REFERENCES: Bob Nichols, “TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION in Your Radiation This Week No 9 and 10” Veterans Today, March 25, 2017. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/03/25/total-gammaradiation-in-your-radiation-this-week-no-9-and-10/ including notes and resources.

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a Veterans Today columnist, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications.

He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant.

Follow Bob on YouTube channelNichols on NuclearTwitter, and visit his web site YourRadiationThisWeek.org

Via: Researchers and Friends of Humanity:  Lucy Occupy & Friends    “We Are The Media Now” – We do not…forget.

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Published on 17 April 2017 – Total Gamma Radiation in Your Radiation This Week — So What? Here’s What!


AS TO HOW TO DEAL WITH RUDE ARROGANT KNOW-NOTHINGS…. here’s a little wisdom from the image arsenal….

More from the cited article:

FACING A DYING NATION – Your Radiation This Week – Continue to Dodge The Rads. You know why.

Read * Learn Share:

“Total Gamma Radiation in Your Radiation This Week No 11 and 12”


Go direct: http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/

Note: “…Westinghouse, Nuke Plant maker to government and corp killers everywhere, goes belly up. Files Bankruptcy in court….”

“Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.” – Bob Nichols

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“THE RAD IN AMERICA – YRTW ELE 11 AND 12 – Mapped!” on YouTube at tinyurl.com/YRTW-Mapped

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Bob Nichols – More on Fukushima Since March 2011


Bob Nichols Said WHAT else!?!


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PS: It’s beyond facebook and LinkedIn…. seems to be orchestrated activities by the Office of Dirty Tricks?

Yikes… well… let’s hope it has resolved itself by now. At least on FB, some censorship problems can be alleviated by ‘paying to play’ by boosting a post every now and then.

Yikes! We’ll, with a reach of over 2 billion people a day, what do they say about power and corruption?

Anyhow… let’s hold goood thoughts that the Thought Police get better training and guidance and have a copy of the US Constitution to read if they get bored. Siri will even read it to them, if they can’t read or write. 1984! pffffft! It’s 2017!!!

Some happy links:






Have a nice day and continue to Dodge The Rads….it’s dangerous out there!

There’s something in the air!





“The amount of Rad in the air Now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction; Done In by our own war toys, how moronic is that!”


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CONTINUE TO DODGE THE RADS – See the Tables of Poisoned American Cities

15 Apr


“…Be sure to review The Table of Poisoned American Cities….”

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Lucy Occupy and Friends Say:


Continue to DODGE THE RADS

Simple Birthday Wishes and Thanks — CONTINUE TO DODGE THE RADS

Thank you so much for the warm, kind and fuzzy Happy Birthday wishes! I am truly grateful and a little overwhelmed. All smiles!  😀

Sometimes Social Media seems like ‘mental telepathy’ on training wheels, doesn’t it?

Some people have been complaining lately about LinkedIn notifications – suggesting they are spammy. It takes just a few seconds to send a Happy Birthday or Congrats on a Work Anniversary — to bring a smile to a virtual connection. How many of us can’t/don’t go that extra click?!?

It’s similar, on a more professional level, to the POKE on Facebook that lets virtual friends know, “Hey! Thinking of you! Be cool! Dodge the Rads! Stay safe! Survive!” or like a quick text with an emoticon to someone to let them know they are in your thoughts!

Remember, remember…. All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of The Time, Some More than Others — ON PURPOSE. Continue to Dodge The Rads! Start the Trials! Prepare the Gallows! We Are The Media Now!

Love one another like there’s no tomorrow; thank a ProNuker for that harsh reality!

Be sure to review The Table of Poisoned American Cities that is brought to you by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner, Veterans Today Columnist and frequent contributor to various online publications on Your Radiation This Week, which is shared widely, around the world. #BadAirAlerts! Seriously bad air alerts!

Go direct: tinyurl.com/YRTW-TheSeries and subscribe to the blog at Your Radiation This Week.

How close is your home/office to a nuclear power plant? Dodge the Rads! The CNN interactive map still seems to be broken — has been for weeks now, or months? Try it: http://money.cnn.com/news/specials/nuclear_power_plants_locations/

The virtual connections we make on LinkedIn and on other social media platforms can be truly transformational. Wooo hoooo! The internet levels the playing field. Defend against the Psychopaths!

These truly are challenging times, and the “officially OLD” amongst us have extra responsibilities to help maneuver through them. “Teach your children well.”

I am particularly grateful for the Oath Takers — Veterans and Law Enforcement and First Responders and for the Work Comp and for the c-level executives and for all of the politically oriented and active people who have also kindly shared best wishes!

You each bring special qualities and insights to this LinkedIn platform — and perspectives many would not see/hear without such virtual connections.

The power of LinkedIn has proven to be extremely instrumental in settlement of more than one #WorkersCompensation situation wherein parties ultimately ‘reached resolution subject to confidentiality agreement’ while retaining first amendment rights!

God bless America! May we all engage in more #CourageousConversations while we #DodgeTheRads and transcend learned helplessness and willful ignorance.

The seditious and treasonous political and governmental and corporate representatives and their minions must be held accountable for all their ‘misdeeds and misbehavior’ now, wouldn’t you agree?

While Americans and non-Americans get their perceptions of America based on corporate media, there are those of us who know the truth, the whole truth…. and we must write — comment, post, blog, vlog, email, teach etc.

Read more at Your Radiation This Week and read the entire series here

If you get ‘writer’s block’ — ask “What would Sophie Scholl do with the internet tools we have today? Review THE FIRST LEAFLET for clues.

Ask also, “What would Tommy Paine do?…..”

“…For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the story of the Sophie & White Roses, one of the best ways to get a feel for their heroism is simply to read what they wrote….” then commence blogging!

We Are The Media Now! Continue to Dodge The Rads! There’s something in the air!

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THE RAD IN AMERICA – See The Table of Poisoned American Cities at TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 11 and 12

By Bob Nichols on April 8, 2017


See more at LucyOccupy.com You know why!



Originally published on LinkedIn by Linda Ayres

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Keep it simple! GOT VIDEO? YRTW SOL 1 and 2: Gamma Radiation Report | Dodge the Rads!

4 Feb

For those who still can and do read, read the entire article >>here<< and share with your smart friend(s).

The entire series can be found >> here <<.

Gamma Radiation Only. See the List. Is your city on the List or close by?


Topics include, but are not limited to, Your Radiation This WeekGamma Radiation Report – YRTW-SOL 1 and 2 with 52 cities reporting radiation more than 3,000 CPM.

For the visual learners, here are two videos… watch them both in under 10 minutes, and see what you think.

Video 1:


Video 2: http://tinyurl.com/YRTW-SOL-GAMMA 



Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. You are encouraged to write Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com

Nichols on Nuclear – Fukushima and More

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2017: Reproduce and distribute

Give full attribution to Bob Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com

This is a public service announcement brought to you and yours by Linda Ayres & Friends. Carpe Diem and Dodge The Rads. You know why! PS! #StayOuttaTheStreets




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