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17 Aug

“Greetings World, we are Anonymous.”  Ask about “Your Radiation This Week” —

Your radiation this week rad #s across USA August 2015” 

‘Thanks Strontium Milks, for creating and sharing a YouTube video of the Bob Nichols, Veterans today “Your Radiation This Week No 17‘!


How Rad is that!!!!!!!
Lucy just happened upon your work and wants to be sure to share with her friends because, after all, WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.


theres radiation in your milk


Here’s the entire series, 1- 17 on the Bob Nichols – Veterans Today site.


Hey Strontium, in the next one, could you write in with some simple directions on how local city RadCasters can make similar YouTube videos using the YRTW articles, of course, with, of course, maintaining respect for Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.”  

Here’s a little collection of “Your Radiation This Week 1-17” via Lucy Occupy Says:

YRTW: “Can 1,000 CPM be far behind?” WILL THEY JUST RAISE THE STANDARD TO 1,500 CPM?

Some non-millenials are clueless in the video/podcast departments.  Others misinterpret or consciously change the presented facts, which is so uncool.  There’s a whole series, if you have some spare time for service to humanity…to make more videos, here’s the link.  I would do it if I knew how.


Let’s see if Anonymous and Occupy Friends can jump on board and create some similar videos for local communities?

people nowadays cameras

*Think Locally * Act Globally * #OccupyVirtually because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

Wouldn’t it be fun if “Anonymous and Occupy” did  a series of their cool videos, you know, the ones that start out with the 22nd Century type voice booming, “Greetings Anonymous….” (that’s so cute!!!) to share this info with perhaps the tag line…

anon were here if you need us

“So Occupy Virtually. Now you know why. “Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!.” ” and read the numbers for local areas, and/or the entire USA as frequently as the articles arrive.  Remember the text between the numbers, too.

flag distress signal

This first video brings up….
…several interesting questions about evacuation levels and several questions are posed in the video about evacuation levels and sources of certain city high levels!

Evacuation Plan

Why, just last nite there was a RAM alert for San Jose…short-lived spot near the “lowest” rad city of the week. Are they just venting?  [San Jose Gamma zoomed up 122 points to 328! ]

YRTW No 17 reported:  “Last place in the radiation race among reporting cities is none other than San Fransisco, California with 206 CPM. Even at that, San Francisco is still 41.2 Times Normal.

Anyway, thanks Strontium—– what a nice surprise to see others posting Your Radiation This Week! So Creatively and Respectfully!

There are 1,946 known lethal isotopes and they increase in lethality as they decay! Dodge them all!

Here are a few more linked that may be of interest:

YRTW: “Can 1,000 CPM be far behind?” WILL THEY JUST RAISE THE STANDARD TO 1,500 CPM?

LucyOccupy at gmail dot com

BLOCKHEADS!!!! “…all these isotopes readings are wrong – they are universally too low….”

Run Lucy Run


Lucy Occupy and Friends

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Watch the video again:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jpnE__HLFM

Remember Remember….

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time” Fukushima is NOT a Leak.
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