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MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 11, 12, 13, 14 with notes on Censorship Impact! GET EMAIL UPDATES

25 Apr

“The United States is a very radioactive country…”






So let’s catch up!  First of all, Are you Subscribed to the Bob Nichols MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad This Week reports to FIGHT CENSORSHIP?  Everybody must do their shares!

“All editors and writers contributing content on VT are 100% fully independent.”

For your info, Lucy Occupy doesn’t read all the articles on VT and a bunch of it she does not agree with, a bunch she knows nothing about and as you know, she strongly supports the work and reports by Bob Nichols on all matters Nuclear.

One guy on Facebook said something like, “I used to share Bob Nichols articles in my groups but stopped doing it since you do, so there won’t be any overlap.”  WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN AND DO?  There are over 2 billion people on Facebook.  WHAT OVERLAP??!!!

When the Fukushima Global Nuclear disaster happened in March 2011, there were approximately 800 million FB users.

Bob Nichols was reporting on Fukushima at the very beginning, and even helped some of your groups grow by writing about them.  Now the reported ‘members’ of Facebook are well over 2 billion?   GET A GRIP, PEOPLE.  READ, LEARN, SHARE, THANKS!  Continue to Dodge The Rads.

Swaths of posts, notes and comments have been viciously removed by censors in escalating censorship since 4.13.2018 – Appeals are in progress and updates are expected.

The FB #VirtualBookBurning apparent launch of 4.13.18 ‘REMOVED’ a good many posts from Lucy Occupy and related pages, notes, and group posts.  UFB.  That was preceded by a vicious attack by a team of ProNukers who had infiltrated a long time anti-nuclear group.  Pffft.

The removed posts are being appealed, but so many with links to so many Bob Nichols VT articles have been so removed, including tinyurl.com/YRTW-TheSeries — a handy quick and easy to remember link to share from – full damage has not yet been assessed.

Go ahead and re-read some of what Bob Nichols told us way back then.  Do you ever wonder why his articles are so different from what many of you post?  You’ll find the links here, also.

More BOB NICHOLS on Fukushima Since March 2011

Lucy Occupy sure as hell respects the VT writers right to free speech and she sure as hell objects to censorship on Facebook of their readers, sharers, friends and enemies.   WHEN THEY ARE CENSORED, WE ARE CENSORED.   Lucy doesn’t think anybody at VT sits still for censorship, do you?

Bob Nichols articles on Nuclear matters are found here

Here’s more on the Veterans Today Censorship Matters on FB.


“VeteransToday.com (VT) is an open independent alternative freedom of speech news and opinion blog.

VT operates as de-centralized virtual media providing fully 100% independent writers from USA and around the world a free and open platform to express their news and points of view without censorship in the spirit of press freedom and democracy.  

Founded by American citizen and retired businessman John Allen in 2003, it remains owned by John Allen and legally run through his private U.S. based Limited Liability Company (LLC).

VT is fully 100% independent and maintains no other owners, partners or assigns.  VT maintains NO official brick and mortar offices.

Editors and Writers    All editors and writers contributing content on VT are 100% fully independent.

To post on VT, editors and writers must follow simple yet clear posting rules insuring all is posted legally and within law and, even more importantly, discloses clearly all sources of content so that readers are very clear on where the content is coming from and what’s the nature of the content.

Editors and writers are NOT employees or contractors of VT. They receive NO salary or fee  for their content.  They control all their content.  VT does NOT censor or vet their articles.

In other words, the copyright for all editors and writers content is owned by them and NOT VT.   Editors and writers are 100% responsible for the accuracy of their posts.

VT makes NO ownership claims on content and maintains NO control over editors and writers time, hours, and efforts.  VT does NOT sponsor writers travel and overall content generation.  Content belongs to the writers and editors exclusively; plain and simple!

VT has always invited new up and coming proven writers to contribute. Over the years, there have been over 700 writers who have contributed.  Some just a few stories and some have posted in the thousands…..

And that’s really it…..

So if it sounds like VT is run by a retired activist tech business guy who cares deeply about people, society, and our human family who lives modestly on a dirt road with chickens.  Well, that is because it is!

And if it sounds like the editors and writers are self-motivated passionate humanity patriots who care deeply about the welfare of the USA and our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, that’s because they do and they are…

And it’s something we are all very proud of…..”



So if it sounds like Lucy Occupy and Friends blogs are facilitated by those who respect the work of Bob Nichols and who care deeply about people, society, and our human family and planet too, some ‘who live modestly on a dirt road…Well, that is because it is! ‘


Subscribe for updates to MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YOUR RAD THIS WEEK because you still can.  SHARE WITH YOUR SMART FRIENDS.


Bob Nichols – Veterans Today  – go direct


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He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant.
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