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Million a Week Club – YRTW 10 by BOB NICHOLS – 30 Cities above 10 Million CPM

30 Mar

PS  “All are above the so-called “safe” level of Total Gamma Radiation. That is a political fiction anyway. The Trolls who chant that are lying to your face while stabbing you in the back.”

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Facing a Dying Nation


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MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad this Week – Week 10

By Bob Nichols March 24, 2018

Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? Folks, that is a secret, isn’t it?

This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad. Now included, for the 10th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 10,000,000 CPM Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation and its unpublished radioactive kin. A Count is One Radioactive Decay.

See the sortable Table of Poisoned American Cities, Total Gamma Radiation Reported – USA Week 10, January 1 to March 17, 2018.

[See the entire sortable Table of Poisoned American Cities on the Bob Nichols VT Column here.]

30 Cities above 10 Million CPM in Week 10 of 2018…

Dreaded Radioactive Pollen

The Pollen season is in full swing now and is packing a serious surprise. Due to the nature of the differing electrical charges of Pollen and the Gamma Rads they actually attract each other in the air we are breathing and lock together.

Think weaponized Pollen for you and your relatives and friends.

Sounds like a really bad movie, doesn’t it? However, it is all too true. This stuff [the Rad] is getting really wild now.

The weather guys and gals could add a 7 to 10 second blurb from my report about the Rad-Weather in the leading Rad cities in America. It could happen.

Your RadWeather Today…

…..The sad cover story of “global warming” is pathetic. It’s the reactors that are cooking the planet and the corporate entities that own and control them……

Read the entire article.

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Bob Nichols Veterans Today column   


Your Radiation This Week | Million A Week Club

You are also invited to watch and subscribe to the video channel for more details, including charts, graphs and maps: Your Radiation This Week – Million a Week Club

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION recorded in the US – 2017 Final Rad Count

Watch for details soon on Bob Nichols ebooks on Fukushima and GI Brains.

The Rad is with us all 24/7 constantly. It never goes away. It is better to know what the Rad level is than to not know.

The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction. Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.

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PS  Have you also forgotten about Fukushima?   Remember Remember THIS is Nuclear Awareness Month. 

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Got Real Estate? Location Location Location! Disclose Disclose Disclose! Follow the Money! Spring is in the Air! Radioactive Pollen, too! MAPPED!

16 Mar

‘Population Dynamics the US Army Way’ got you down?

Top 15 most Radioactive Cities in the US as reported in Your Radiation This Week, based on EPA data, by Bob Nichols on March 11,2017  are:

COUNT CPM, CITY, STATE nanoSievert/Hour
11,333 CPM, Navajo Lake, NM.
10,861 CPM, ColoradoSprings, CO.
10,222 CPM, Raleigh, NC.
9,577 CPM, Little Rock, AR.
8,987 CPM, Portland, ME.
8,842 CPM, Lincoln, NE.
8,817 CPM, Rochester, NY.
8,584 CPM, Fresno, CA.
8,578 CPM, Spokane, WA.
8,499 CPM, Denver, CO.
7,957 CPM, Tucson, AZ.
7,893 CPM, El Paso, TX.
7,626 CPM, Bakersfield, CA.
7,622 CPM, Omaha, NE. 130 nanoSv/Hr
7,529 CPM, Billings, MT.

Read the full article again here, read it slowly and thoughtfully in order to connect the dots:

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION In Your Radiation This Week No 7 and 8




See more at tinyurl.com/NicholsOnRadioactivePollen    October 29, 2011 – Occupy Fukushima – The Fukushima Legislature votes to Close Ten Nukes      What ELSE did Bob Nichols Say about Fukushima since 2011?  READ.  tinyurl.com/Fukushima-NicholsSince2011

Your Personal Allergy Alert


 Today’s “Worst Cities” include:  Abilene TX, Prescott AZ, Amarillo TX, Alamosa CO and Yuma AZ.


Here’s how one real estate company protects their clients and their bottom line!  BRAVO EAST VILLAGE REAL ESTATE!

That is unparalleled ethics and customer service!   Let’s hope the Hospitality Industry Follows your lead!

Follow Your Radiation This Week YouTube Channel for insights and updates!

MAYBE IT’S TIME FOR NAR – NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS – to get involved in sharing the EPA Data and Warnings – since EPA Continues to REFUSE TO REPORT ON THE ESCALATING GAMMA RADIATION LEVELS.   Why is that?  

Is it because Bob Nichols, PROJECT CENSORED award winner, columnist at Veterans Today, former correspondent for the San Francisco Bay newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publication (widely shared by bloggers and other publications around the world)  continues to do so, as he has been reporting since April 2015?

Corporate media also refuses to warn the unsuspecting public.  Why is that?  Are they “Just Following Orders?”

Google it:  Are Realtors obligated to disclose proximity to nuclear power plants?

Could that refusal by the EPA to report the dangers also be a factor in the upcoming estimated 3,000 jobs being chopped at the EPA?  Will that also result in 3,000 or more indictments and trials for high crimes against humanity for their failures to inform and protect the American Public?

HOW CLOSE IS YOUR HOME TO A NUCLEAR REACTOR?  If you don’t know, find out.  Ask CNN — they have a partial-list map for your convenience:



CNN says danger zone is within a 10-mile radius. That’s probably a typo- and they probably mean 100 or 1000 mile radius and to evacuate by any means necessary in the event of meltdowns or other “incidents.”  Do your own research. How close is your home to Fukushima? There you will gain a fresh perspective!


Your Radiation This Week No. 11 – THINK THINK THINK

13 Jun

“Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States and in your neighborhood. Let’s get right to it.”

Smoky Mountain Rain - Dick Peschke Photo


“*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.”

“Partial Counts are noted. Uncounted radiation would make the actual Count higher. “Normal Background is 5-20 CPM.”[6]”



Read the entire article here:


Then VOTE on the POLL and/or Leave a Comment or Question on the Article…or not.


Do you think your city’s radiation level is too high?


“This is a list we shall not want but here it is.  Tis better to know because long is the list as we are the shorts.” – Altimometer


See the entire series, Your Radiation This Week

and more http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/bobnichols/

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and VeteransToday.

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Question submitted on Lucy Occupy Says blog:

“Is there such a thing as filtering the air to capture the radioactivity? Or is the radio activity factor so small it can not be separated?” 


PS Remember Remember….. Nichols article from 2011 – Occupy Fukushima


Ask About Radioactive Pollen Now

Radioactive Pollen

“We all live at the bottom of the Earth’s atmosphere along with all the other critters of creation. There are a lot of different kinds of particles in the air generally called “atmospheric dust.” Since the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945 by the United States the atmospheric dust has included man made radioactive particles. Many are vanishingly small, they are all radioactive and electrically charged.”
“Size is so important to the way the radioactive particles function in the atmosphere that it is a so-called “Property” of the particle. That is important to us, plants and animals because, among other things, they can float around the world, go right through our clothes and through our skin.”
“Since the particles are electrically charged they stick like a magnet to a tiny oppositely charged portion of a tiny grain of pollen. As a result, radioactive pollen gives a whole new meaning to “seasonal hay fever [radiation poisoning.]” …”

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All Nuclear Reactors Leak All Of The Time

Ask About Fukushima Now


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