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Some of the CompLaude Nominations are included….  Remember Remember the 5th of December.

Let’s make sure the hunt for the good peeps in WorkComp is widely publicized…. #WorkCompCentral has worked very hard to find them…..  Kudos, David DePaolo, for your leadership and Teams!   Read and Follow David DePaolo’s World blogs for “Thoughts and impressions on workers’ compensation and life.”

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DO NOT WALK QUIETLY IN THIS OPEN AIR AUSCHWITZ!  Sonderkommando Everywhere? Sonderkommandos was the name given to concentration camp prisoners whose job was to service the assembly lines of death.”  Ponder on the similarities to current day sonderkommandos?   Read “The First Leaflet” and tell your friends and neighbors and tell them to tell theirs.

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Recently, in conversations about the similarities between America’s WorkComp systems and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, it was asked, “Do you see the similarities, ‘the shower on the left or the shower on the right?’  The response was, ‘No, the holocaust victims really thought they were getting showers [then to be sent to labor camps and ultimately reunited with the loved ones.]”    See the above link apparently written by surviving Sonderkommandos about the ‘assembly lines of death.’ READ IT.

The next question was, “What do you think Injured Workers are lead to believe?  Yeah, that they will get immediate, reasonable and appropriate medical care and return to work.”

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