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22 Dec

Facing a Dying Nation.  It’s the Radiation.


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MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 49 – Plus More Cities


Bob Nichols – December 22, 2018


Records show Washington, D.C. booked 7.38 BILLION counts of deadly beta radiation in 2006. It takes a nuclear corporation or government to do this. Who do you think did it?

Total Gamma Radiation Reported in the USA – Week 49


Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? That is a secret, isn’t it? Radiation?  




The nearby Targeted Individuals of US nuclear power plants is 160,876,377 people by the official 2010 US Census.

The poor souls live within range of a leaking nuclear power plant and catch radiation poisoning.

All nuke power plants leak radiation; the nukes leak on purpose. The Rad cannot be contained; it never has been.

The rich owners think the trade-off for your health and life is worth the money.


The Rad is cumulative so the Total Radiation continues to increase as long as humans continue to produce the Rads. One way to measure the Rad became widespread in the States.

That is by measuring, recording and publishing the Total Gamma Radiation at ground level at many locations in the US. Those Rad Numbers are presented here.



YOU CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE ELSE! Million A Week Club – Are you In It?

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