Congratulations Mr. President – about the Extinction Matters

22 Jan

Dear Mr. President,

I didn’t vote.  I’m glad you won anyway!

Former President Obama allegedly left you a private note in the oval office desk top drawer.  He may have left a few things out, so I hope this Open Letter may help fill in some of the blanks.    I wrote the former president a few open letters, and also an open letter to the Emperor of Japan and to the Nuclear Power people around the world.

Links attached.  You might find them of interest, and you might certainly encourage your entire cabinet to at least peruse them; they will get NO STRAIGHT INFO FROM THE NUCLEAR CARTELS.  NONE.

Goodness, you know how they are!  Time Magazine in 2012 tried to convince the people that the 3.11.11. Fukushima Triple Nuclear Meltdowns had been’averted’ and they were busted on that.  They pulled the same nonsense in 2016. Monsters.

Back in 2012, a Google search for Fukushima was over 62,000,000.  After scrubbing, it fluctuates these days to sometimes single digit millions results.  You might have somebody stop the censorship and check with Google on that vicious and life-threatening algorithm?  Maybe DHS can interact with Google?

Here are those links from the blog, ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW.  It’s too late to do anything about Fukushima now.  President Obama missed that window of opportunity to help extend the life expectancy of humanity.  Bummer.


This is Murder by nuke electricity plant – plain and simple. — Read All About It in YRTW 89 and 90 — Be ITK and Dodge The Rads

Below are links to a little more on the Florida nuclear dangers, that may also impact Mar-A-Lago, and I told friends that once you heard the news, it might compel further investigations.

See those links below, please and thank you, Mr. President.


Do you remember the news on the #Florida #SinkHole Poisoning 18.6 million? Well, here’s more news: BEYOND STUPID. : 1. “FPL Wins Battle to Store #Radioactive Waste Under #Miami’s Drinking Water Aquifer” 2. #Tritium levels no threat to our drinking water | Miami Herald READ AND TAKE ALL POSSIBLE PRECAUTIONS. ‘No immediate danger’ D’oh!


FPL Wins Battle to Store Radioactive Waste Under Miami’s Drinking Water Aquifer


Tritium levels no threat to our drinking water

The Water issues in America (and food supplies, globally) being contaminated by the Pro-Nukers, is treasonous, and a threat to the Republic.  The radioactive fall out from the venting national reactors, as well as Fukushima and the 70+ years of nuclear devastation is not a good thing.


PS  You’re totally right about climate change, AL GORE LIED.   Stick to your guns!   Here’s another blog that also shows how many are  ‘invested’ in believing the lies.

AL GORE LIED. Who else lied about what else????!!!!

I liked your Inauguration Speech… I will read it again, but when I listened, I made notes that:

“You will never be ignored again!”

“Buy American.  Hire American.” [and I added, AND PROTECT INJURED WORKERS FROM WORKCOMPSTERS!!!]

“Think Big and Dream EVEN BIGGER.”

“The time for empty talk is over.”

Will we see ‘special prosecutors’ in the Clinton matters and will they also include the #Fukushima disasters, cover up and complicity of the USA in that disaster? Did you realize the Russians were the first and only to offer assistance, and even the UN remained ‘mum’ whiles Mrs. C spewed on about ‘no immediate danger’ and ‘lessons learned’?

Dreadful participation and complicity in the extinction of humanity.  Can you kindly include former President Obama in the ‘special prosecutors’ investigations?  I don’t think there is any statute of limitations on serial crimes against humanity  That would be swell.

I watched some body-language videos on some of their talks… whew…. they weren’t out and out called “psychopaths” but connecting the dots was not too hard.  Be careful, they seem to be pretty ‘sore losers’…. evidenced by the stuff in the streets….follow the money, that trail never lies, does it?

WOMEN’S MARCH?  They have set back the Women’s Revolution to the Stone Ages, expediting extinction!

I’m shocked and surprised at the “Women’s Marches” and it may amuse you to realize that the typical #FakeNews outlets are moving the stories.  I pondered on doing a blog with a title, “Women’s Death March on Washington? NO THANK YOU!  HELL NO, DON’T GO! #DodgeTheRads”

I almost did a blog with a title, “So you wanted a baby killer in the White House instead?” but the political environment is what it is… so that might have been counter-productive.

I have to laugh at some of the articles I have read…. about the outrage about your “attitude” about women and kids. Goodness, I want to scream:

“Yo! Sistas!  He’s not a dead beat dad, he treats his serial wives live as queens, he is a good provider, his kids are polite and well educated and grounded in family values, and so what if he’s allegedly ‘mob-oriented’….  “

….who isn’t in the 1%?  It’s just a harsh reality of life, isn’t it?

The gender bias — and the media circus — and all the faux shock that you won the election, says quite little for the Women’s Revolution we did have in the 60’s and 70’s.   Without researching their causes,  the women following the lead of the apparently well funded and organized event, are simply misguided, and will bear consequences for their willful ignorance and sheeple-type-mentality of following corporate news.

Honestly, Angela Davis really has to be able to share with the participants how useless (and dangerous!) marching in the streets can be, particularly when there is such widespread radiation contamination across the USA, and it’s not all coming from Fukushima, which the new DOE Secretary may discover, if he doesn’t just read propaganda.  Ms. Davis should also be able to tell those looking to her for leadership about the Prison Industrial Complex, and how the incarcerations rates across America are outrageous.

PS  Kellyanne Conway did a great job representing you on The View against the scripted rants.  I didn’t see much else on that front.


One of the corporate media outlets suggested that Mr. Perry knows nothing about Nuclear, but that it doesn’t matter.  Yikes.  It actually does matter. These links may help him get oriented to the liars and deceivers who will attempt to convince him that ‘there is no immediate danger.’   It’s the same crowd, and they all seem to have ‘Langley 401(k) accounts’… so proceed with caution.   I will work on another Open Letter to the Cabinet members, as DOE is not enough ‘fire power’ to deal with it alone.


Also, I am working on a missive for the new Labor Secretary — and I have done my best to encourage people in the WorkComp industries to send an essay of 500 words or less to the new Secretary so that he and his team are armed with truth, rather than industry propaganda and deceptions.  It’s a pretty vile ‘profits before lives’ extermination operation, for serious profits for the few.

Again, the WorkCompsters will wring their hands and feign concern about the state of Workers’ Compensation, but it’s a racket worthy of RICO investigations. It’s a mega billion dollar industry, as you probably know, but there has to be a way to demolish it and create something not so like a nazi-death-kamp and medical experimentations, abuses and tortures, for the profits of the few. The corruption is understood by all who have ever been touched by it, and the attorneys, all sides, seem to ‘play ball’ —- Twitter and Social Media have also proven very helpful to some Injured Workers in that regard!

I told one pal I hoped that your Cabinet picks were SunTzu quality decisions…. along lines of ‘keep your friends close, and the enemies of humanity closer, still!’

If I can be of any assistance, or offer any clarifications on Nuclear, Radiation Poisoning or Workers Compensation, I have a background in the hospitality and the real estate industries, so if I can help, I will help.  (I think I even attended a Trump University workshop in Hawaii, before the real estate fiascos and bail outs!)  Oh, pS….  about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Deutch Bank and Goldman Sachs and those people… good luck with them.  Mean crowds. Pick your battles and arm your generals, civilian and military…  and KEEP ON TWEETING!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

Best wishes and Good Luck!  TRUST NO ONE…. It’s a mean tough crowd you’ve tackled.   Don’t believe the corporate news, and don’t bother reading the critics. Their job is to waste your time and wear you out.    Don’t let’em.


Linda Ayres & Friends

PS   Bob Nichols would probably approve of your issuance of the RADIATION NOTICE ALERTS below, verbatim.

See more of his articles, including the entire series, Your Radiation This Week, at the Veterans Today site.  They know about it and read it in Washington, I think.   It’s read globally.


Your Radiation This Week NOTICE 5th of November

#StayOuttaTheStreets!  #DodgeTheRads








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