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Nope, not on your life! #Radiation Rain-Out Forecasts! Dodge the Plutonium and Uranium too!

29 Nov
“Plutonium and Uranium are only ‘mildly radioactive”  ??!! D’oh!
Nope, not on your life. John Gofman, MD, former Medical Director of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab put it quite succinctly:

“plutonium 239 is the most dangerous substance in the universe.”

radiation and human health
Lucy says ‘if we need dem guys from the EPA, let’s just whistle!…’.
On (paid version) 300 cpms used to be evacuation alert level. What about 300-500 cpms, and over 1,000??   Just do the ol’ #ShelterInPlace, with Extend and Pretend, while singing while smiling,

“There is No Immediate Danger”??!!

It used to be 300. The EPA has changed “guidance” on that to conform with the nuclear state policies, announced and unannounced.  NETC says this and it may change from time to time.

Heart disease in #1 in Rad Kill!

Even Rad Poisoning??!!

Even Rad Poisoning??!!

Remember remember…. All Nuclear Reactors Leak All the Time.
or bert says DUCK AND COVER from lethal isotopes
Lucy is hankering to drop a post and a tweet along lines of:  IF a few metropolitan areas like Phoenix, San Francisco, San Leandro, Berkeley, San Diego….and a few rural areas like Billings were under full scale nuclear ‘venting-like’ attack with plenty of plausible deniability, do you think the unsuspecting public might wanna know so that perhaps they can #ShelterInPlace while the perps are tracked down?
i can explain it to you but i cannot understand it for you
Do YOUR holiday company events include “All You Can Eat Sea Food Buffet”?
Local #CAAA WorkComp law firms are apparently oblivious to information not only about Traumatic Brain Injuries, but also about Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11, and the consequent in-progress Extinction Level Event.  Well, #WorkComp and Nuclear Industries seem to have the same playbook and mission; “PROFITS BEFORE LIVES”
3-Eyed-Nuclear-Fish-Food-52699 RADIOACTIVE OCEAN
Nawwwwww, it’s the Holidays. Nobody wants to hear about ELE related events.
Keeep on shopping! Black Friday was Dodged! Here comes Cyber Monday!!!!
keep shopping
Dodge THOSE 1,946 known lethal isotopes and…
Have a Nice “shortened life-span”  WE WERE WARNED.



Yoda and the Human Race

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 bob nichols columnist
Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant.
You are encouraged to write Nichols at:

NICHOLS: Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014 Part Two

nuclearWhen the radiation starts to liquify your internal organs that’s the end of the line. At what point, short of that, is action called for is the question.

Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014

Dead Planet– Getting Zapped like that leads to “shortened life spans” in the quaint expression of the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Japan Stops Treating Radioactive Water

OFF LIMITS - WASTED - RADIOACTIVEAround the world about two billion people (2,000,000,000 people) live on fish and other now radioactive products from the sea.

Fukushima: A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It Movie poster Brad Pitt Robert RedfordSome have asked “How much water flows through Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s six reactors? The short answer is: A bunch.

South Central US Poisoned by New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump

WIPP-Dispersion-by-wind-wippdispersion_cropThe poison will probably kill them all. Dog studies done with living animals show us how they will die.

ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always

Radiation Red Eyes radiation red eyesBut if Fukushima keeps going on for years and years, it’s going to finish everyone. … At some point it becomes an ELE.

Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow

2020 Japan Olympic Mascot 1175068_10152201392454488_1106134841_n“You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I. No one is exempt…”

Al Gore Lied

Former US Vice President, Al Gore, speaks at the launch of FEX-SIM“All that was necessary was to, literally, fool most of world. That and intimidate the rest. All people had to do was “To Believe;” or, at least not speak up….”

US Gov: Walk Slow

Who will bury the dead when we are all goneThis “allowed” the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

Sterilize the Planet

SuicideNuke PistolArrgghhh! There is no way out! No cure. No medicine. We bought the farm and the cheap energy fantasy, too.

I Spit on Your Grave

executednazi-warcriminalsPro-Nukers lie to everybody else (Normals) and by agreement reduce the effective dose absorbed of Radioactive Hydrogen made by Reactors and Atomic Bombs 906 Billion Times – all the while looking you right in the eye.

What are efforts to contain Fukushima? None.

fukushima– The VeteransToday recommended fix of putting the reactors under water has not been done by the US Government.

Obama’s Gold – 94.6% Pure, Bomb Grade Plutonium

ScreenHunter_493 Aug. 09 18.44…the country very nearly lost the state of South Carolina. Those deadly Plutonium cores were jerked out of those three big Duke Power reactors so fast it would make your head spin.

Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On

fukushima– Radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl, but 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath taken



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