January 9, 2015 marks 3 years since a witnessed slip and fall at WorldMark by Wyndham resort in Big Bear, California and Traumatic Brain Injury. Still waiting for medical care and benefits. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been paid out in evaluations; very little in the way of ‘medical care’ requested by treating physicians.

I sometimes feel like the Rosa Parks of WorkComp!

Rosa Parks: “I had been pushed as far as I could stand”

Friends have suggested that since WyndhamWorldwide and it’s WorkComp Carrier, CNA Insurance, lead by Grancell Standers Reubens gangs, refuse to provide medical care, and continue to refuse to reimburse nearly $30,000 in properly submitted medical expenses for mileage to their designated doctors and medically necessary treatment that they unlawfully denied, that GOFUNDME might help.

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I lost professional credentials…. Hawaii Real Estate Sales License, California Real Estate Broker’s license, and California Notary license. Failures to provide medical care, disability benefits, and return to work opportunities! Thanks Wyndham.

I was basically thrown out of a public CAREER NIGHT at Wyndham Worldwide Indio in December 2014, which was a public invitation to learn more about the company and working as a sales person. I was able to say hello to several co-workers while HR pondered on what to do with my attendance at their public event. The Project director advised that Human Resources said he could not talk to me, and… LOL, I was the only person from the “PUBLIC” who showed up for the event.

Social Security Disability has been denied twice, and Long Term Disability is at constant threat of being discontinued, despite the policy and fiduciary responsibilities.

If GoFundMe works, great. If not, then we know to do something else. Trying to figure out the GoFundMe site. More follows. 😀

Some say that upon diagnosis of anything to do with Brain Injury, Work Comp carriers fully and immediately breach fiduciary responsibilities and expedite 3D practices….”DELAY, DENY, DECEIVE” rather than to expedite immediate medical care to mitigate harm and risk.

The first year, I could hardly speak, and leaving the house was only ‘as necessary’ to various doctor evaluations. My speech is still ‘dysfluent’ but improved. I experience cognitive fatigue more often than I care to admit. There are other impairments, but being a sales person and personal-development-activist who has walked on fire and bent rebar at the throat chakra, I muddle along to the best of my abilities.

If you remember 286 computers and dial-up, no clip-board, no copy and paste then you have an idea of what it can be like living with a brain injury.

I am a “High IQ TBI and WorkComp Survivor” Some new and old friends say I am still brilliant, just different, and much slower.

Typing is still a strong suit. Different lobes govern different functions. The brain is an amazing organ. Neuroscience is truly the New Frontier. Ask a Veteran today!

One doctor, in 2012, advised to “never tell anybody you have a brain injury, as it has a stigma”….He wanted me to spend out of pocket $500 for a day-planner to conceal the impairments. I didn’t start screaming loudly about it until year two, when I could better grasp the extremely dangerous situation I was in as an InjuredWorker in America. It became very clear what a corrupt and vile system WorkComp in America, and elsewhere, is. Consider Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown workers.

If you say WorkComp is none of your business, I must assume you are not part of the Human Race.

When I slipped on ice and fell backwards on 1/9/12 and conked my head really hard at Big Bear, I laid in the snow for what seemed to be about 5 minutes. I was asked if I was ok, and I said, “No, I hit my head really really hard.” I was dazed and confused, but eventually got up, dusted the snow off, and reported to the sales meeting. My colleagues had a great laugh about my fall, and one even said, ‘Ewwwwwwww, she has Fukushima radiation all over her now from the hot-snow!’

I gave a ‘timeshare tour’ at 9 am, and I was very apologetic for my extreme confusion and disorientation and they were grateful for a short tour, and a fast gift.

Around 10 am, the administrative manager asked if I was going to a doctor, and I asked if I had to see any special doctor. He said, “See any doctor that accepts work comp” and provided me with an incomplete DWC-1 form, that had no insurance info on it. I drove down an icy mountain after the last tour of the day, about 20 miles, then another 40 miles of flat desert. How? Dunno! Just did.

Nobody thought I might need a ride to a doctor, or a hospital, or even a 911 ambulance ride? I haven’t worked since, and I have spent more than $30,000 out of pocket to discover and obtain help for brain injuries. Had I received immediate and appropriate care, I am told I might have returned to work that first year.

Recently, after denied TTD and PD benefits for months, and years of failures to authorize medical treatments, the attorney for Wyndham suggested that if I reviewed the situation, it would be clear that the failure to obtain medical care is all my fault, and he further asked why I believe I am entitled to any benefits.


He sent a nasty little note with his legal opinion on my medical conditions, suggesting a Court Appointed ‘Conservator’ to make my decisions, since I struggle so with the WorkComp System. It sounded to me like he was suggested I agree to let the Court appoint an insurance company goon to finish the kill? Yikes. The contempt and disdain is mutual.

That doesn’t even mention the insurance guy who called and after listening to me whine about no medical care for nearly 3 years asked, “….so when ARE you going to die?”

I got in ‘trouble’ for sharing this picture in the break room, in early 2011…about #Fukushima. It was called too sad:

The insurance company and attorneys had me driving everywhere; I don’t know how I did it either. One doctor wanted me to drive with a brain injury, sleep deprived, over 100 miles for an ‘exam’ and that’s where I drew the line. I knew that was insane, and would be a danger to me and to the driving public. Where do they find those WorkComp neurologists? Haven’t met a smart one yet.

Those of you who knew me before the TBI, know of my work sounding the alarms about the #Fukushima Daiichi Global Nuclear Disasters:



This blog goes back to 2011. My Facebook wall documents Fukushima since 3.10.11, when the Tsunami alert first arrived on my phone, from days of living in Hawaii, working for WyndhamWorldwide when it was Fairfield, then Cendant.

radiation zone

We learned a great deal about Psychopaths as we learned about the Nuclear Industry and it’s propaganda machinery, didn’t we?

Like many of you, I never knew anything about #WorkComp. I am grateful to know what I know now. It is an industry clearly ‘not broken’ but simply working, as designed, to maim and kill injured workers for profits. It is a mega billion dollar industry. Lawless, Heartless, Soul-less, and run primarily by Psychopaths.

Untreated brain injuries have caused more injuries. Refusals to provide medical care, benefits, and return to work with accommodations have caused further harm. The torture and terrorism of the defense firm is what it is, a pattern of practice to cause continuous harm. SuperLawyers advise it’s a common practice, nothing personal. InjuredWorkers demand #DomesticTortureReports!

wc stop work comp fraud

I want to pause to take this opportunity to thank the few good lawyers, doctors, and office personnel who extended kindness and encouragement as I fight for my life, and for yours too. THANK YOU! WE SHALL OVERCOME, SOMEDAY.

These work comp characters are killers of the worst kind, and too many people are not brave enough to speak up. How very sad, for all of us.

My story is here, read it if you will. It could happen to you also.



#WorkCompCentral #CompLaude Gala Awards #InjuredWorker category Nominee and Finalist with TBI…. Oh My! Huh?!

Note to Self about #WorkCompLaude Industry Event:

“If selected or not, I promise to do all I can to help ensure that injured workers in all of the United States of America receive immeidate, reasonable and appropriate medical care with an aim for legitimate and current medical treatments, speedy return to work, and that all providers receive their due. In this process, I promise to do all that I can to increase awareness of Injured Workers and to increase awareness of Traumatic Brain Injuries — consequences and compensable strategies to facilitate return to life and/or work for all.” – WorkCompLinda@gmail.com


Here’s the whole sad story, and more to be written. Your name might be here too. One law enforcement (injured worker) advised it’s time that We, the People, start naming names.

LIST OF POSTS: http://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/list-of-posts-ask-about-workers-comp-gravy-trains/

SOME RESOURCES: http://askaboutworkerscompgravytrains.com/about/

CONTACT INFO: If you are an injured worker, investigative journalist or a legit Attorney or District Attorney of any State in the Union, my files are an open War Room. How may I help?

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Friday, January 9, marks 3 years of torture abuse and continuous harm to me after a work injury in Big Bear California by #WyndhamWorldWide, poorly insured by @CNA_Insurance and poorly represented by #Grancell and poorly protected by the State of California from criminal elements.

What has happened to me is happening to others and could happen to you.

The story is here….Ask About Workers Comp Gravy Trains



wc stop work comp fraud


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