MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 17 by Bob Nichols! CENSORED ON FACEBOOK – Can’t share this there! Wow!

13 May

Lucy Occupy is looking for other people #CensoredOnFacebook #Awful, isn’t it!

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“If you are censored, I am censored. If I am censored, you are censored. If they are censored, WE ARE CENSORED.”

Whoooooa! WE THINK NOT! and have been since at least 2011….
#StayOuttaTheStreets #OccupyVirtually and for goodness sake, #DodgeTheRads and READ, WATCH SHARE SHARE SHARE because you still can, just not on Facebook.

We Are The Media Now

#VirtualBookBurnings are RAGING ON #FB ….. Posts being removed from as far back as 2011…. Be Alarmed and Be Alarming.

#DodgeTheRads  #CensoredOnFacebook  #CensoredByFacebook


#CensoredOnFacebook! #U2?!

GOOGLE IT: MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Curious and Wild Fluctuations


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MILLION A WEEK CLUB – YRTW 17 by Bob Nichols

Are you in a city that gets a Million Counts of Radiation a Week? First, how on earth are you going to find out? Folks, that is a secret, isn’t it?

This is a Bad situation for all exposed to the Rad. Now included, for the 17th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 17 Million CPM [27] Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation.

Its unpublished radioactive kin are a disastrous freebie from the…

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