Remember Remember Fukushima – NO SOCIAL MEDIA MARCH 11 – GO THINK THINK THINK

10 Mar

Continue to DODGE THE RADS


Did  you already read and share this?

MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Rad This Week in the US – Week 8

Actual Rad Count Zooms to new Highs – Facing a Dying Nation

Watch this video with it…. you’ll learn even more…..

“…Beta Rad Counts are no longer published by RadNet. The single word “WITHHELD” replaces the former mathematical notation “-0-“.
Other radiation species are also Withheld by the US. That should be crystal clear now for most Americans.
The valuable Beta Count is history just when we could use it most. It was used to track Beta water lakes under leaking reactors. Beware: Radioactive Beta Water combines easily with Humans, animals and plants…”





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