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If you know Norin Grancell, Esq. and Thomas Motamed and Steve Holmes and any of the peeps at Wyndham and CNA and Grancell, perhaps you can reach out and say something nice like, “Dudes and Dudettes, what on earth have your companies done to create this mess? ‘What we have here is a communications problem.’

You’re making the whole industry look baaaaaaaaaad, very, very, very bad. This brain injured timeshare sales person is saying things that others only quietly think, and that most injured workers just whine about to one another. She has taken this to the Virtual Streets! She’s Nobody from Nowhere!

Your peeps call an injured worker on the phone and ask, “Tell me, when ARE you going to die?” Your peeps suggest ‘conservatorship” as a legal opinion on mental capacity, since acceptance of work comp chicanery is unacceptable? Your peeps knew she has a brain injury, but that she can still type like there’s no tomorrow. Do you have a clue of her social media reach? Have you read her blogs about this case? Dudes and Dudettes, She may succeed in organizing Doctor’s Trials! GET HER SOME MEDICAL CARE AND GET THIS CASE SETTLED AND GET HER BACK TO WORK.

Which other CORPORATIONS will step up and demand change to save the lives of their employees while saving their shareholders small fortunes?

Perhaps it’s time to scrap the existing #WorkComp systems in America and elsewhere, and start over, including Doctor’s Trials!

It is so nice to see so many more Wyndham Worldwide employees on LinkedIn! 10,602 out of 33,000?

Wyndham Worldwide is ranked 1410 on the Forbes Global 2000 listhttp://onforb.es/NireKF via @forbes and has approximately 33,000 employees. Let’s get them all on LinkedIn and truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Without proper medical care since day of industrial injuries, I have been denied the right to return to work too long for injuries of 1/9/12.

As for me and other Friends of Lucy Occupy, we’re blogging! #Committees of Bloggers

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Wyndham HR at regional level has refused repeatedly since October 2012 to engage in interactive process for return to work until fully released by doctors, and without medical care, the doctors don’t want the liability in release. They may have been given poor legal advice, or advice aimed to incite a FEHA lawsuit. I am trying to avoid that, as it will only serve the legal crowd, not me, nor my employer.

Several doctors have stated that had I received care in the first year, I might have returned to work that first year, and the damage would be substantially less. There seems to be no excuse beyond felony fraud, as described by the DIR, as to why I have been subjected to these horrors. My story is not unusual, according to many doctors and attorneys.

Fraud notices
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Warning Notice 2014
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Warning Notice 2013
Workers’ Compensation Fraud Warning Notice 2012

The insurance company leased/owned doctors are paid on time and in full. Real doctors are cheated out of their agreed upon fees, repeatedly, making even self-procured medical care outrageously hard to obtain. I have spent nearly $30,000 from my own pocket to survive the injuries AND Wyndham’s WorkComp program. I have been housebound for most of the past 3 years. I sell timeshare! I sell vacations! I sell the good life! I help people discover and reach their dreams!

I have watched wild-life disappear over these years at home and have researched brain injuries since very few doctors on the work comp dole have a clue about the facts of brain injury, and the legal people dispute that the brain is a body part located in the head region. D’oh!

I have had to rely on the charity of the Salvation Army and the Crisis Center Social Services in my town, along with Adult Protective Services for the continuous patterns of financial terrorism and abuse.

How is that a functional #WorkComp program?

Enough is Enough

One unfortunate set of circumstances and failures by Wyndham and it’s agents have led to more and more unfortunate circumstances. It’s a vicious circle.

It’s an honor to be in the “top 1%” for profile views at WyndhamWorldwide… # 2 of the 10,602 members on LinkedIn.

I have done my best to establish ‘compensatory strategies’ for living with #TBI. Thank you for your support! I anticipate return to work soon, hopefully at the Palm Springs, California resort. (No more icy walks and drives for me, thank you!)



Lucy and Doctors


Here is the web link about Wyndham Corporate Social Responsiblity:


The Wyndham commitment to protecting human rights:

Here’s my story, in detail. I do not have the right to remain silent:

My story is an open book now. It’s time for corporate accountability, responsibility, and right action.

“I am data, therefore I exist.” —- WE THINK NOT!

I appear to have lost my civil rights because of WorkComp chicanery. I cannot even simply DECIDE to return to work. I have to beg, “Doctor, May I Please Be Released to Work. You know and I know these monsters will never provide the requested medically necessary treatment. I sell timeshare, I have no clue on how to do ‘homeless’…. They have done nothing but abuse and torture me, apparently because they can, because of my age, disabilities and gender…. and some pretty hostile representatives, who have done nothing but increase risk exposure for my employer, while destroying my life. PLEASE RELEASE ME TO WORK. One doctor in 2012, when I asked when I would know I am ready to return to work said simply, “You’ll know you’re ready to return to work when you’re back at work.”


Let’s get this settled up so I can return to work, get the medical care WorkComp refused for 3 years to provide, and put my life back together, and let me be an Agent for Change for WorkComp Transformation at Wyndham and in the United State of America, and offer help to friends in Canada, the UK, Japan and elsewhere—experiencing the same horrors from some of the same ilk.

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In the meantime, remember remember…. #WorkComp is NOT an employee benefit! So, GO FUND ME, WYNDHAM and WorkComp Providers!!


Let’s clean up this racket!