Another day in Southern California … Top Nuclear State Dudes in Town … USA, CHINA dot dot dot oh!

6 Jun

… Another day in Southern California…..WASHINGTON, CHINA, JAPAN, SAN ONOFRE, NUKES ETC ELE ……land of an upcoming EXPERIMENTAL Stationary #Nuclear Weapons Facility Restart… and probable meltdown…. 😕

san onofre our fukushima

… When Lucy went outside this afternoon and looked up she thought, ‘Wow, blue sky….where did all the chemtrails go??’…. Turned on the radio to take a drive and do some errands and there was a traffic alert saying, “If you’re headed to Rancho Mirage [She was not, but if she was…]…. don’t.

So, that was way tooo much thinking and connecting dots and Lucy had errands to run…… but  she did make a note to share with y’all the CHINA: NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN article read and shared a while back Link: .

screwed s

Seems tops Dudes from USA and China are causing traffic issues. Then Lucy thought, “Ohhhhh, wow, must be true that when the Prez comes to any town, they chill with chemtrails planes, nice polite touch of hospitality”

….She thought about inhaling deeply, then remembered the 1,946 lethal ISOTOPES spewing out of #Fukushima around the planet, and that all reactors leak all the time anyway…..  and pyrophoric issues with meltdowns and she continued to move quickly…..


….yesterday, while passing by a government surplus store while out of town, Lucy and friends thought about going in to see what they had in the way of Gas Masks…. then they figured all the stuff was probably dusted with isotopes, so …. they kept going…. moving forward, always forward….. Got plenty of Duct Tape on Hand. They figured if it’s good enough for the nuclear reactor crowd, duct tape is a household staple for Lucy and Friends…. It comes in colors now, too…. how nice.

San-Onofre-Quick-Fix-425x238   duct tapecant fix stupid not even with duct tape

So, while out today, Lucy picked up a copy of LA Times newspaper to see what the current propaganda was….and sure ’nuff, the top Dudes are in Town. The Chinese Top Dude stoppped in the Caribbean and made friends and influenced people….with some big bucks/money, too.

media funny


Front page said US Top Dude wasn’t happy about some hack-tavism allegedly coming out of China bothering corporate America and some government groups. 😕 Think they may talk about #Fukushima and getting those reactors put under water, not that it will do much at this late stage….. ??!! Both have access to the equipment to get the job done, and create a new harbor and extend a few lives……

Anybody know how to change #4 on fire to EXPLODED

…THAT made Lucy think about the news Censorship in the USA going from Google results of 63 million in 2012 for Fukushima to just a little more than 30 million today, with top billling to anti-nuker propaganda. GOOGLE!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!!???!!!

google thought police

…and that reminded Lucy of the US GOV: WALK SLOW article…. (about radiation levels in USA…. ele, etc.) Link:

the light at the end of the tunnel is a train
….which reminded Lucy of more on GLOBAL EVENTS at this link….


…and that reminded Lucy of yesterday’s news about the former top dogs from Japan and NRC who came to Southern California to discuss #Fukushima Lessons Learned…. with a splash of Hanford for nuclear waste lessons learned.

Hanford lethal legacy  tumblr_inline_mieojwjnHs1qz4rgp

Many of the anti-nuker crowds were jumping with glee. 😕 None of those articles impressed enough to share the link…. so here’s an article on simply JAPAN and how they are coping with the triple meltdowns and radiation poisoning….it says something like…. “misery loves company; join us”….. 😕
“…Boy-wonder’s sidekick, Governor of Osaka Ichiro Matsui, has said he is counting on the US military to come to the rescue when a huge earthquake hits Kansai, so he will gladly offer a training location for the US military in Osaka…”

under the bus


So, here, read this again instead…..similar issues (Nuclear, SanOnofre, Fukushima etc ele) without the nuker-propaganda slant…..

All Nuclear Reactors Leak All the Time …. Treat the nuke boys like the mad dogs they are …

Did you check out this article blog yet You ll be

    • All #Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time…. treat the nuke boyz like the mad dogz they are ..KEEP #SanOnofre SHUT DOWN…

      All Nuclear Reactors Leak All of the Time
      – Treat the Nuke Boys like the Mad Dogs They Are
    • US Gov: Walk Slow [??!! ]

      US Gov: Walk Slow
      This “allowed” the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.
    • #CHINA: New Sheriff In Town???!!! 😕

      CHINA: New Sheriff In Town
      Let’s Bottom Line this world changing event. China said “Jump” the US said “How high?”



LUCY OCCUPY SAID…. think locally. act globallly. occupy virtuallly…….

  • “It’s Physics, Pholks!!! ” Ask also about #Pyrophoric Nuclear Events … FIRE Signs .… via @LucyOccupy

    Hello World! “It’s Physics, Pholks!!! ” Ask also about Pyrophoric Nuclear Events … FIRE Signs …
    LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. SO BE IT.  In early 2011,  when confronted with truths about #Fukushima, many ‘bleeding heart people’ said condescendingly, “Oh how sad for the poor people in Japan”  …
    what is going on in japan now   wierd


What Happens NEXT (2)

dot dot dot….. this could’ve been a blog…… for what it’s worth…..  ;D

#NUKE ACTION ALERT #NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012 https ww - 499432643401944

Love One Another Like There’s No Tomorrow….. the bad guys around the globe do not have good intentions……. Just sayin….. xoxooxox

nuclear gravy train

We are the Media Now, the nuCLEAR Media Now.  So Be It.


extra extra read all about it

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