fb friend: that 3.5 minutes is so stupid…….so here’s a bunny with a waffle on its head! WAS IT…????!!!!

31 Mar
bunny with waffle.jpg

“The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…”

“Can you say WHY America is the greatest country in the world?!!!…..”  

and so “Star Spangled Awesome??”     


fb friend:   People ask me all the time why I continue to share updates from Lucy about FUKUSHIMA!!?
I have to tell them that she is the one who keeps my spirits high when it comes to FUKUSHIMA!! No one else on the planet works so hard at trying to make us all realize what is happening with FUKUSHIMA!!
Japan is a doomed country and no one wants to understand and speak out the way she does. Thanks Lucy!!!
Ask About Fukushima Now know that All reactors lea - 455296037815605
Lucy:   D’oh!!!!   OMG, Have you been outdoors inhaling the 1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes???!!!   Tell me you haven’t been ‘in the streets, singing songs and carrying signs’ and that instead, in a life-extending effort, you and yours have been USING ANY/ALL TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.    Tell me you get it that:
#Fukushima triple NuCLEAR MELTdowns have been killing us all since March 11, 2011, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly….
WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW.  Thinking Locallly.  Acting Globallly.  OCCUPYING VIRTUALLY….
Maybe these articles in Veterans Today, written by the Project Censored Award Winning Journalist Bob Nichols, will help clarify the confusion you are still having about the horrific nuclear disasters we, Humanity, are facing right here, right now…..everywhere:
.Capture ProjectCensored

Do YOUR OWN Reading, Research and Investigations…..



WAS IT…??????!!!!


Was it too many pictures and not enough words??!!  Was it the blog format selection or too many (or too few??!) posts with photos??
Was it too much abbreviation of words like ELE (EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT)…. NGT (Nuclear Gravy Train)…. WTF (they’re killing all of us, around the whole round planet, right now and the world is playing ‘let’s just pretend there is no immediate danger’ and ‘keep shopping’)….LOEF (Loss of Executive Function, real and measurable consequences of radiation poisoning), clearly evident in decisions being made in Japan (think geiger countered wild monkeys as assessors, wild rats causing nuclear ‘problems’ remedied by better-rat-traps to keep the world safe, periodically repeated reports of ‘cold-shut down” that are a physics impossibility, serial-killings of clumsy robots,  ‘5-legged cats’,  ‘wingless butterflies’, ‘warning canaries’ , new reports of UFO’s ‘remediating’ matters and ‘deactivating nuke missiles’,  mutated roses, eugenics etc etc etc….. and references to decreased births, increased deaths, lowered sperm counts….globally)….. What was it that lead you to erroneously believe this is a “Japan Only” nuclear disaster???
Was it that there were not enough video links and other resources and directories?  Was it that you didn’t know how to find them??   See here:
Was it that the posts are ‘too polite’ and ‘too esoteric’  and thereby unclear?  Was it too spontaneous?  Was it too structured?? Was it too un-structured and un-predictable??
Was it too much to read and think about??  Was it too harsh??  Was it too soft?   Was it too much science??  Was it too humorous in a devastingly horrific situation?? Was it too many big words????   Was it just too damn inconvenient and scary a truth to deal with??  Was it the reminders that YOUR IGNORANCE IS THEIR POWER or Was it the reminders …..
too late
How on this round Earth can anybody reading even one of the blogs suggest Lucy is saying any less than this is a GLOBAL NUCLEAR DISASTER that triggered an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT.  In other words, HUMANITY HAS MADE IT TO THE ‘ENDANGERED SPECIES’ LIST!!! ???  WTF!!!
The EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT (ELE)  triggered by TRIPLE (3!!!!) NUCLEAR REACTOR MELTDOWNS has been IN PROGRESS (expediting mutations, maimings, compromised immune systems, mysterious illnesses and deaths) SINCE MARCH 11, 2011.   That was 752 days ago…. or 2 years and 21 days….. or approximately 107 weeks ago.    “What are efforts to contain Fukushima?  None.”    
exploded  put the reactors cores under water
How can you believe the pro-nuker propaganda that ‘there is no immediate danger’ to you and yours, everywhere on the planet??   READ THE BLOGS AGAIN…. Let’s get you up to speed so you can tell your friends and tell your neighbors about the Truth of the on-going #Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.
Remember, the internet is being systematically ‘sanitized’ of the truth as they are ‘re-writing history’ to suit the nuclear agenda.  Y U NO WAKE UP NOW.
earth nuked
ONCE UPON A TIME, IN DISCUSSIONS ABOUT EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS AND #TRIPLE #NUCLEAR #FUKUSHIMA MELTDOWNS..….this conversation happened between Lucy and an alleged ‘anti-nuker activist’…
(“Y’all ain’t gonna believe this shit!!”)

fb friend: that 3.5 minutes is so stupid

Lucy Occupy: You are not American, are you?? If you were, it would be more meaningful….. Just sayin..

fb friend: no, its just the same crap over and over and just because an actor speaks it to entertain everyone doesn’t mean anything is different

Lucy Occupy: Did you read the blog too, or just peak at the first few seconds of the video??  Here are the links again… All Reactors Leak All The Time. Did you know that YOUR local reactor leaks, all the time, too??! How’s your health today?


Hello World!  Everything is Connected:  O Say Can You Say: Fukushima NuCLEAR MELTdowns …. ELE Alert since 3.11.11   http://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2013/03/29/o-say-can-you-say-fukushima-nuclear-meltdowns-ele-alert-since-3-11-11/


We ARE the Media Now… Nuclear Nations… think locally * act globally * occupy virtually…           https://lucyoccupy.com/


fb friend: i’m skeptical on the use of internet derivative activism, how much stuff are we regurgitating and how much original social media digital content are we putting out?


15 years ago

Lucy Occupy: ” internet derivative activism”…. NICE WORD COMBO!!! It clarifies the simple ol saying… WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW... ever grateful that Anonymous Precedes Unanimous…. knowing that we do not…FORGET.


Think LOCALLY. Act Globally. OCCUPY Virtually. USE any/all tools


Lucy and Friends share ON radar, as well as over, below and above radars…, sometimes NINJA style.



As you know, in light of the ongoing triple nuclear meltdowns (since March 11, 2011) inhaling lethal radioactive isOtopes by being ‘in the streets’ anywhere on the planet’ is frowned upon….as ‘being in the streets’ helps our killers kill us faster……

The ELE (extinction level event) triggered at that time is in full swing. Do your own research….internet and alternative news research….we’ve already seen enough of the nuker’s propaganda …..

…..so, the best available choice is to THINK LOCALLY, ACT GLOBALLY, OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.

You might also note that Corporate Media and Alphabet Agencies not only control the internet, “sanitizing it regularly”…. they use it to keep the people dumbed down.

When is that last time you saw a group of corporate journalists huddled together getting hammered by battons and sprayed with pepper spray etc just to get a story out that would last on the internet 1 day, 2 at best…..

THINK THINK THINK…. You and I have had the ‘discussion’ about being in the streets, singing songs, and
carrying signs as well as about ‘leading nuclear experts’….. that, imho, only serve to aid and abet the nuclear killers…..

facebook activism

fb friend: i think being a real ninja would be better…. i think you are delusional, but then again, i’m a wacky anti-nuke activist


ninjas thesaurus

Lucy Occupy: That’s fine. It’s obvious you have never read any of  the shared posts and blogs…. Take care. RIP. xooxxo

fb friend: I think what you do is important, visually and aesthetically speaking… this is a good example of how to communciate…..  ( graphic artist representation company)

fb friend: your blogs are unreadable to me because of the presentation, please think about how to visually communicate and improve design, you are doing important stuff but its hard to digest because its so higgledly piggly

Lucy Occupy: Thanks for your input. It’s starting to sound a little trolly…..

fb friend:
i’m just saying the stuff you put out is ugly, if it were visually appealing or at least non-offensive, i’d look at it

fb friends:

Lucy Occupy: Bye

fb friend:
you are so stupid, but good luck, try making something original, do your own images, art, learn photo shop, buy a camera, make art, don’t just post ugly shit you agree with from the mind of majority of the conspiracy masses

insult and value opions


“fb friend UNFRIENDED and has the right to remain stupid, marching in the radiation, singing songs and carrying signs, moving nuker propaganda to distract and deceive the unsuspecting public”

Lucy wonders……. “….Could these be the efforts of AP’s….???!  “agent provocateurs” !? It wouldn’t be the first time…. “



think locally. act globally. occupy virtually.
use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.

fun fairy tales.jpg
    •  fb comment:
      Stupid is continually telling everyone who looks at your posts that they are stupid.
    •  stupid you have the right to remain
      Lucy Occupy Thanks. Friends seem to be sharing it so it resonates for some… take what you like and leave the rest….
      does not play well with stupid people
    • fb comment:
      Why insult those you try to reach out to?
    • Lucy Occupy: Actually, its responding to others who share their frustrations in attempting to discuss #Fukushima and other matters #nuclear with their friends…. You have to admit that it reallly is stupid to believe that 3 nuclear meltdowns in progress since 3.11.11 presents ‘no immediate danger’…. ??
    • Lucy Occupy: I deal with plenty of ‘trolls’ on my walls, so that is another factor…. Anybody who reads the blogs knows the deal….. Take care, and thanks for your comments…. ps if you haven’t seen the blogs, do take a peak…http://askaboutfukushimanow.com/

      all reactors leak all the time ….
    • FB FRIEND:  That  3.5 Minutes video was incredible; too bad the guy in the middle is an actor…
    • Lucy Occupy: Haven’t there been ‘actors’ in the White House and Governor’s Mansions?? !! Concepts. Principles. Thought Provoking. Cognitive Dissonance creating…. or… to others, ‘pure entertainment’… New blog…. did you see it…… It has provoked some ‘mean and nasty comments’….
    • Hello World! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED………… O Say Can You Say: Fukushima NuCLEAR MELTdowns …. ELE Alert since 3.11.11  http://askaboutfukushimanow.com/2013/03/29/o-say-can-you-say-fukushima-nuclear-meltdowns-ele-alert-since-3-11-11/
17th annual ninja parada.jpg

#CHERNOBYL: Consequences of the Catastrophe For People and the Environment


Reference pdf…. download, read, share, keep handy, add more zeros to deaths when relating to #Fukushima deaths, maimings and illnesses…

the right path is not always the one most travelled.jpg
  • think locally * act globally * occupy virtually * we are the media now *

     All Reactors Leak All The Time

    #Fukushima Triple NuCLEAR MELTdowns since 3.11.11

radiation shhhh keeping it from stupid.jpg
think locally * act globally * occupy virtually * we are the media now *
“You have the right to remain stupid and ignore the reality of the global #nuclear disaster of #Fukushima; You can distract and be distracted; deceive and be deceived; You cannot escape the consequences of this global nuclear nightmare with childish pretense and victim-attitudes any more reasonably than you can call it ‘a holy ascension’ event.
YOUR ignorance is indeed their power. They need do nothing more than wait. The extermination events are complete; the meltdowns are not..”Ask About Fukushima Now
311 IS NOT OVER; Triple Nuclear Meltdowns Still in Progress…
752 days or 2 years, 21 days…. of 1,946 known lethal isotopes, spewing uncontained, around the world.

Do you really believe ‘there is no immediate danger”??!!

311 is not over

One Response to “fb friend: that 3.5 minutes is so stupid…….so here’s a bunny with a waffle on its head! WAS IT…????!!!!”

  1. Lucy Occupy April 1, 2013 at 8:00 am #

    i·ro·ny1 [ahy-ruh-nee, ahy-er-] Show IPA
    noun, plural i·ro·nies.
    the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.
    a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitude opposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.
    (especially in contemporary writing) a manner of organizing a work so as to give full expression to contradictory or complementary impulses, attitudes, etc., especially as a means of indicating detachment from a subject, theme, or emotion.
    Socratic irony.
    dramatic irony.
    an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

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