Mic Check: Is it Wrong To Want One of These??!! Who loves you ?!!

19 Feb
Is it wrong to want one of these?!?

Is it wrong to want one of these?!?

Who loves you ??!!   Who wants you away from your computers, the internet and your BVFs  (Best Virtual Friends)??!!

Who/What wants you in the Streets— singing songs, carrying signs and inhaling radioactive isotopes from home and abroad???



think think think

Alll nuclear reactors leak, alll the time.
Fukushima Triple Nuclear Meltdowns have been in progress since 3.11.11….. March 11, 2011…..contaminating the entire globe.
What’s next?  SanOnofre also known as #FukushimaUSA ?!!
Mic Check:  Is it Wrong To Want One of These??!!
Is it wrong to want one of these?!?

Is it wrong to want one of these?!?

FB Friend: Protest those [ #nuclear ] plants, but…

do not do it near them if you value your life
Lucy Occupy: Yes!!! Value Life! Shun the Streets and Pied Pipers of Hamelin and of Nuclear Persuasions and Extend Your Life-Span to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT while praying for the already dead and dying.

Singing songs and marching and carrying signs was a strategy yesteryear….20th Century.  See this  dangerous incomplete list and think about if you can find a place on earth ‘not near’ a disastrous nuclear power plant, and remember,Ten Most #Radioactive Places on Earth http://t.co/x9c244gp
use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY

use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY

Furthermore, nuclear reactors are simply stationary nuclear weapons. If they didn’t leak, they would EXPLODE, by design.
#Nuke Alert! How close is YOUR home to one of these places?? You have been poisoned, and you are still being poisoned….. tell your friends and neighbors….Your governments already ALREADY KNOW.   Ten Most #Radioactive Places on Earth http://t.co/x9c244gp   http://brainz.org/ten-most-radioactive-places-earth/
(google search depopulation, eugenics, death marches, nuclear, fukushima, san onofre, chernobyl, three mile island, hiroshima, nagasaki, hanford, atomic bomb, cancers, leukemias, radiation, radiation poisoning etc….. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, or RIP.).


Today, we still have the internet and WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW….. why drop dead in the streets to please the nuclear killers….. ???!!!

ele nuclear meltdown massacre If you do choose to be ‘in the streets’, leave word with your next of kin to demand a coroner’s inquest upon your sudden and/or mysterious death.

Remember the sign at Auschwitz, “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.”

Upon determination that the cause of death of individual street demonstrators is RADIATION POISONING, the Coroner can file CRIMINAL MURDER CHARGES, so your deaths will not be in vain….. so such ‘marchers’ will go down as kamikazi’s….sort of…..as long as they made an informed choice about the consequences of ‘marching in the streets.”

Otherwise, some may just call them ‘road kill’ and keep moving.… FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS STAY IGNORANT. 
Master the art of OCCUPYING VIRTUALLY….. ask someone under 30 for tips on how….. Share concepts in comments below or on FB here: Tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tools-to-Occupy-Virtually/243006279167622
#NUKE ACTION ALERT #NUKE-LIAR AWARDS 2012 https ww - 499432643401944These young people are extremely bright, and love to help!!!  Just ASK for help. Leave your ego out of it and remember, ANONYMOUS precedes UNANIMOUS. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, ever grateful that Anonymous Precedes Unanimous…..and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE….PS… For those bright people under 30 or thereabouts….. adopt some ‘over 30’ people and bring them up to date on how to best utilize ‘ social media tools….. Start some open/closed/secret groups to bring people up-to-speed on how to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. Remember, some boomers don’t even have computer…..sad but true. Those boomers that do often whine and complain that FB doesn’t act right and they have no clues on how to ‘work around’ the FB thought police or even privacy settings or FB ‘magic buttons’. HELP THEM!!!! Use the fb page TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. Pleeeeeeeease! Thanks! xoxoxo
geek meditation sessionY’all came ‘hard-wired’ with the TECH info….the rest of the population NEEDS SYSTEM UPGRADES …. to maximize abilities to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY. Pretty please!Singing songs and carrying signs didn’t work in the 60’s [ask any nuke-activists or convicts in America’s penitentiary system or visit some cemeteries!!!] and it sure as heck won’t work today since the air is LETHAL….. 1,946 radioactive isotopes leak from all reactors all the time.
if not now then when
The difference between your local reactor and Fukushima triple meltdowns is simple math: A GREATER VOLUME OF NUCLEAR FUEL IS being disbursed…NUCLEAR RADIATION…. for the whole world.
There is MORE radiation in the air than yesterday, and LESS radiation in the air than tomorrow.  KISS.
high five
Were they left here on purpose??!!

Were they left here on purpose??!!

What’s next?
What’s next would appear to be Southern California with an impending LETHAL EXPERIMENTAL NUCLEAR REACTOR RESTART that will certainly lead to meltdown, threatening to shorten the life spans immediately of more than 18 million people…..more to follow….. and be sure to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.    follow the money on any suspicious and/or sugar-coated stories.
Keep SanOnofre Shut DownFor those experiencing ‘peer pressure’ to hit the streets, what did ‘Nancy Reagan’ used to tell the kids about peer pressure, ‘JUST SAY NO!’
Tell them you have a hot new computer/smart phone/tablet/notebook/chrome book/telepathy practice whatever…. TEACH ‘EM ABOUT THE TOOLS TO OCCUPY VIRTUALLY….. if you love this ROUND PLANET.
If you suspect the organizers to be ‘working for the nuclear industry’ rather than simply being ignorant,  tell them simply and either politely or not to just “GET LOST!”
Lucy suggests high caution for any ‘street organizing’ that does not include gas masks and hazmat suits.  If it’s an anti-nuke effort without such precautions, question the credibility and intentions of the organizers.  Remember, there’s a war on for your minds, and if you’re still thinking, you’re still winning.
Remember also that the triple nuclear reactor meltdowns of Fukushima Daiichi have been in continuous progress since March 11, 2011……contaminating this round planet.
Think locally. Act Globally.  Occupy Virtually.   WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous.
Y all ain t gonna believe this shit keep Japan nuc - 463421980336344
all reactors leak and fukushima still in meltdown

Stay in touch. Friends don’t let friends stay ignorant. Blogs:Ask about Fukushima Now: http://askaboutfukushimanow.com/about

LUCY OCCUPY SAYS… https://lucyoccupy.com/about

LINK UP AT 8 o’clock, local time in thought / prayer / meditation / silence / solidarity / awe with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who Occupy (virtually and non-virtually) on behalf of all of us.  Use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY.  You know how.  You know why.

Some Pages:
Tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tools-to-Occupy-Virtually/243006279167622

Ask About San Onofre Now


Ask About Fukushima Now


Ask About Nukes Now


Nuke Ignorance Busters


i love my online friends

“Those who know have the DUTY to act.” – Einstein     YOU KNOW.  YOU HAVE THE DUTY TO ACT.
Is it right to want nuclear reactors?  You decide.  Time is UP.

Is it right to want nuclear reactors? You decide. Time is UP.

open your eyes

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