20 Jan

Lucy Occupy Suggests reading and reblogging (or simply sharing) the important, life-threatening information in this issue about #Fukushima, USA, aka San Onofre Nuke Power Plant, and the imminent bogus and dangerous ‘restart’ EXPERIMENT…. http://allreactorsleakallthetime.com/2013/01/19/do-not-walk-quietly-in-this-open-air-auschwitz-fukushima-usa-aka-songs-aka-san-onofre-nuclear-power-plant/ Search out San Onofre information on the internet and social media. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW… and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE…. https://lucyoccupy.com/

All Reactors Leak All The Time

All Reactors Leak, All the Time.    

No San Onofre Restart.  Shut it Down.  Commence trials for nuclear crimes against humanity.  Remember Fukushima.  We do not…Forget.



nuclear emergency

If you have new news about SONGS aka San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant aka Fukushima, USA, please also post it to this new FB page… xoxoxohttps://www.facebook.com/AskAboutSanOnofreNowNUCLEAR ROULETTEShare more resources…. remember, Fukushima has promised ‘shortened life spans to all’ as of 3.11.11 around the planet…. and a Restart of SAN ONOFRE will only serve to escalate that de-pop -op…. just sayin…… ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW ….  ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA, USA NOW (aka San Onofre Stationary Nuke Weapon)

Guns  simple

All reactors leak, all the time. Do not walk quietly in this open air Auschwitz.

Remember…all nuke reactors leak, all the time. Nuke reactors are simply stationary nuke weapons! D’oh! STOP THE KILLING MACHINES…..


Be alarmed and Be alarming…..and continue to ASK ABOUT…

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