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2 Jan

Lucy is only following 162 people on Twitter.  :/ Lucy has about 2,000 fb friends, of various persuasions and ideologies.

If you’re about Fukushima awareness ….let’s follow up on Twitter…..

” WE ARE THE 94%! ”   😀

(6% of the 7 billion people here are psychopaths….not redeemable)

It’s a new year, and ‘mastering’ Twitter is on the goal list…. in light of the ol’ saying, WHEN ONE THING DOESN’T WORK, WE DO SOMETHING ELSE… 

GOT MORE GROUPS for possible listing in this quasi

Lucy is only following a few blogs.  She cannot believe that out of 2000 FB friends, only “a few” are blogging??

If you’re blogging, let’s follow up with mutual BLOG FOLLOWING……   🙂

Got thoughts about Fukushima Some of YOUR comments

Blogging sure comes in handy when the algorithms and FB Thought Police mess with postings, huh?

Tic Toc…. Triple Meltdowns in Progress since 3.11.11  😦

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‘Get in! We’re gonna catch that red dot!’ xoxoox

what is going on in japan now   wierd


We ARE the Media Now…. ever grateful that Anonymous PRECEDES Unanimous…

Lucy Occupy Says….

Einstein Catcat  get in  we're gonna catch the red dot

We saw what the Nuclear Gravy Train did and didn’t do in 2012!!

Hold on to your hats for what they appear to have in store for 2013!

Name them; SHUN THEM

Name them; SHUN THEM

LUCY OCCUPY SAYS… FOLLOW THE MONEY….   Watch this documentary about the global economic collapse for more…. and then maybe hope that the filmmakers Charles Ferguson and Oliver Stone might collaborate and dig deeper, and make a runaway hit about what some of the same crowd has done in the World of Nukes.    THOUGHTS ARE THINGS; ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT.  THINK ABOUT IT.

The Biggest Bank Heist Ever!


Wall Street 2 : Money Never Sleeps

amateur bank robbery

DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATIONS…. The Pro-Nuker ‘Dream Team’ refuses to address these issues with authenticity….. continue to expect nothing from them.

Ask About Fukushima Now know that All reactors lea - 455296037815605

Note current events:

Guess Who Has Made Out Like a Bandit in Japanese Stock Market: Goldman Sachs

The company that never, ever loses any opportunity, being prepared for every contingency. (Well, almost.)

Even when the nuclear reactor buildings in Fukushima started blowing up, Goldman Sachs flew in at least four senior executives from the US, who told its expats in Tokyo to stay put, or they would not have jobs at Goldman. Probably because there were great trades to make, probably on TEPCO (stock and bonds).

It looks Goldman Sachs started buying even before then-Prime Minister Noda said on November 14 that he would call an election, and ridden the Nikkei all the way, 20% up from the recent bottom.

Goldman Sachs Tokyo says they are bullish on Japan in 2013. (That is likely to mean they are ready to sell what they have to retail investors.)

'(S)he will win who knows when to fight and when not fight.'  - Sun Tzu

‘(S)he will win who knows when to fight and when not fight.’ – Sun Tzu
See and read and share the posts in this link for comprehension: PUT THE REACTORS UNDER WATER NOW. GOT QUESTIONS?

3.11.11 Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns....Triple Meltdowns... "no immediate danger" so they say.... Do you believe them?  Why?

3.11.11 Nuclear Reactor Meltdowns….Triple Meltdowns… “no immediate danger” so they say…. Do you believe them? Why?

See and read and share earlier posts at too!

You will better understand why the reactor cores must be put under water, and why each day of non-action simply means more radiation around the world, and quicker deaths and maiming for the Many.

Hello World!! Fukushima not FUKU-NOBYL !!! Chernobyl ‘solution’ not an option!

From FB: What about chernobyl also   (9 hours ago via mobile) ·

Lucy Occupy: This may help answer your question….It’s Fukushima, an ELE (extinction level event) NOT Chernobyl… SEE AND SHARE:

From the linked AAFN blog: “…Chernobyl. Millions died. Officials numbers are substantially reduced and suppressed on behalf of the nuclear states. Radiation experts world wide have documented 1.5 million deaths, so far, from Chernobyl.

Chernobyl did not do a China syndrome number into the ground and ground water below the reactors, for all the wanna-be-rocket-scientists out there….. just sayin…read on, please…..”

“….IF THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET, WHO ARE BEING IRRADIATED BY THE RUNAWAY REACTORS, CANNOT COME TO GRIPS WITH THE FACT THAT ACTION MUST BE TAKEN” on earth can you expect any government or corporate entities to touch this topic and ruin their political or corporate careers and risk the wrath of ‘unpopular’ public opinion.

They will also die from the radiation.sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.Shhhhhhhh…..Consoling thought: Psychopaths believe they are exempt from radiation poisoning….”

SEE ALSO: the blog….and share it with your friends…..more there; more coming.

We ARE the media now, come what may. xooxoxall nuclear reactors leak radiation all the time b

And if you don’t yet BLOG or TWEET, share about what you do do…..even if it is simply mail…   xoxooxox

Lucy Occupy suggests.... FOLLOW THESE BLOGS IN 2013!

Lucy Occupy suggests…. FOLLOW THESE BLOGS IN 2013!

wake up moment for psychopaths

***Official*** Message from the Hopi Nation about Japan, Amazing and Historic


rainbow warrior

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