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Lucy Occupy says, ‘Cows???!!! Fukushima??’ “What are efforts to contain Fukushima?” Read all about it!

13 Oct

LUCY OCCUPY SAYS:   Carpe Diem, Y’all!!!   Action Alert!     ‘All nuke reactors leak, all the time.’

Nuclear Meltdowns do more than leak, much more.

Humans or cows. Cows or humans. To the almost 2,000 radioactive metals, gases and aerosols, what is the difference?”

“Do or do not.  There is no try.”


“If it is to your advantage, make a forward move; if not, stay where you are.”

Have you seen the article and comments?? Have you commented directly on the Veterans Today article site!!!?  Have you invited the world-at-large to your fb group(s)?   Tell them what you know on the  VT ARTICLE comment stream, and INVITE THEM.  ‘Make friends and transport truthful information.’   We ARE the media now.  Be Creative.  When one thing doesn’t work, DO SOMETHING ELSE.   Just sayin….

Ask your smart friends to speak on behalf of your group(s)….. Carpe Diem!!!

“The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant contains six reactors and is located along the NE coast of Japan. Three of the six reactors disastrously melted down right through the concrete floor and entered the ground on Mar 11, 2011.

The spewing of radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere continues unabated……”

What are efforts to contain Fukushima?
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Are the Japanese really doing anything?    No. It is a Fake Fire Drill and just for show.”

Have you seen the comments on this article?? Have you commented? Ask your smart friends to speak on behalf of your group(s)….. Carpe Diem!!!

Have you seen and shared the videos linked in the article??  And??!!!

Read ‘n share this VT Fukushima update article, and weigh in with info also on your FB Fukushima group contact info on the FB COMMENT SECTION on the article site.

Ask for and/or Offer Support outside of the walls of our FB Nuke Ghettos.   Veterans Today is a global publication.

Share what you know, and share your concerns while their comments are open.   EXPAND YOUR REACH.  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW, and for that, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Carpe diem… “enjoy, seize, use, make use of”.

Did you know???

“What are efforts to contain Fukushima? “… (San Francisco) The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant contains six reactors and is located along the NE coast of Japan. Three of the six reactors disastrously melted down right through the concrete floor and entered the ground on Mar 11, 2011. The spewing of radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere continues unabated……”

New article just out.
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We are the media now.

    If  YOUR Fukushima group wants to expand your outreach to people who may not yet know about the horrific realities of Fukushima and Our World, share your comments and invite people to FB land— to your group directly —via the article comment site.   We are the media now.  Be creative and Be Resourceful!!

For example, here are some FB groups, pages and communities that are very concerned about Fukushima…

    Ask About Fukushima Now
    Fukushima on Facebook
    Fukushima:  “All nuke reactors leak all the time” Solutions Now.

    Give your hands to Stop Radiation from Fukushima.  Save Japan.  Save Humanity.

What’s YOUR GO-TO group on FB??      (if they are highly infiltrated with paid provacteurs, spare us the listing of them…. just saying…..)

Know that any groups that might invite others to join up may likely/possibly/probably become immediate targets of low-level paid trolls and provacateurs…..

Just deal with it.  If you’ve got some real smart people in your groups, ask them to extend the invitation to share in your fb group(s) via  this international forum….and comment link.    CARPE DIEM and/or RIP.

Remember, FB just reached 1 Billion members.  How many are  in your group now???   Just sayin…. Reach out and touch….. MORE!!!

PS…. It’s a stand-alone article….. don’t muck it up and confuse people by adding nuker-gravy-train-and-mouth-pieces propaganda…..we all know what the ‘experts’ have been spewing, just like we know what the 3 reactors have been spewing…. just saying….

PPS….. Here are just a few of the comments already there, outside of the fb-land nuke ghettos…………..


Top Commenter

Back when the Manhattan Project scientists were preparing to set off the Trinity test explosion they were unsure of whether the blast might ignite all the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere (which is after all one closed system). They knew setting off the bomb could literally mean the end of the world.

Our esteemed scientists, one of whom later bitterly regretted building the bomb.
I don’t know about ya’ll, but…
that is all the perspective I need.
  •  Top Commenter
                Oh, what I meant to add was: Knowing this, they set if off anyway.


Top Commenter

No one seems to care.. They will when people start dying around them..



wait until the hot burning and fission 1 million lbs of nuclear fuel reaches the center of the earth’s mantle and then fukushima nuclear power plant has become a sinkhole then becomes a super-volcano. don’t know if I will still be here but life on earth will be pure hell.


this is a great pc. very well done and so on the real story thank you so mush.


To [commenter], the first person to comment on this article:

[commenter], you’re typical of so many “academics” who can’t think outside the box because of your mainstream scientific analytical inbreeding. Put your money where your mouth’s at. Fly over to Japan, travel to the Fukushima plant, and just stand there right next to one of the reactors for, oh, let’s say eight minutes. Then come back to your cozy little position at the University and tell us how wrong we are. if you’re still alive. And if you aren’t alive, then please arrange to have your body returned and put on display. I’m sure your colleagues will appreciate it. So will those of us who don’t buy your swill.


I agree with your assessment of him. Definitely some industry shill or worse delusional. I guess that’s what happens when you serve as a deckhand on a submarine ;-)

I live in New Mexico the second largest uranium deposit state. In the 70s it was by far the highest paying jobs for blue collar workers. I remember friends leaving the oil fields for the in many cases more than double wages. And oilfield wages have always been very good. None are still alive. I’ve watched literally dozens of people go from things like leukemia to pancreatic cancer like clockwork. Between the uranium mining and the above and below ground tests this state literally glows at night.

I consider a self aggrandizing, shameless self promoter like him, trying to capitalize on the misery of others with a book that is at best a bunch of skewed statistics to at worst an outright farce, an insult to all those in this world who have suffered or not lived up to their full potential due to the totally unnecessary nuclear bomb / power industry. It would be poetic justice if his next breath contained a particle of DU!


Comments by Bob Nichols in the threads:

Exactly. People will deal, or not deal, with that reality in countless ways; and then they won’t, they will be dead.

Bob Nichols

Hello…[ ]

You pose an intriguing question. You said: “What if humanity really is incapable of comprehending the disaster they-we have unleashed?” Probably just like the dead cattle in NE Japan. Mochizuki at Fukushima Diary published today pictures of hundreds or thousands of dead cattle at

Some desperate farmer was hoping the cows “did not suffer” much. Well, be that as it may, the humans and the cattle are on the same planet and suffer similar maladies from radiation poisoning. Too bad, the liquefying of your internal organs probably hurts a whole lot and then the humans. like the cows, are dead. It works the same for both species.

Humans or cows. Cows or humans. To the almost 2,000 radioactive metals, gases and aerosols, what is the difference?


Good comment, [ ]….

Bob Nichols



What are efforts to contain Fukushima?

(San Francisco) The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant contains six reactors and is located along the NE coast of Japan. Three of the six reactors disastrously melted down right through the concrete floor and entered the ground on Mar 11, 2011. The spewing of radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere continues unabated……

New article just out.
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‎”Totally undaunted and unlearned, the pro-nukers run on, like fools running with knives. “

It’s nearly 8 o’clock, local time. Take a moment to LINK UP in thought / prayer / meditation/silence/ solidarity with and for all impacted by Fukushima (that’s all of us) and with and for all who OCCUPY (virtually and non-virtually) ON BEHALF OF ALL OF US…. Thoughts are things, and Energy follows thought…. LIGHT UP THE GRID!

1 Billion FB Users and Still Delusional About Fukushima??!! Amazing! What’s Next? FB Phase II aka ‘Revolting-Land’ ??

5 Oct

FB CELEBRATES 1 BILLION USERS!!!   What progress we have made as a species as we step closer and closer to oblivion!!!

Sadly, the masses, egged on by the ‘ruling psychopaths’ cannot see enough to connect the dots on anything.  So now, is it time to effortlessly kill off a few billion or so and everybody remaining gets rich doing it?  FB has been perfected.

What’s next, a clone company called ‘REVOLTING’???  What if they offered a sign up list for world’s ‘activists’ and ‘revolutionaries’ and ‘free thinkers’ and monetized the effort.  Who would keep the lists and who would keep the monies?

Ohhhhh, it’s so complicated and confusing, huh?   It’s almost like FB ‘cells’ are also mutating from the radiation poisoning, and will emerge into a new vehicle, designed to also compensate for LOEF, Loss of Executive Function, happening on the planet now, thanks to Fukushima and the non-actions therewith.   (Follow the Money!)



“Please stand by, and following the bouncing ball in a little sing along……

“And it’s 1 – 2 – 3, What are We fighting for…..don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn, next stop is……..Revolting Land…..”



We interrupt this FB moment for a NUCLEAR UPDATE:  

Dateline:  FUKUSHIMA     Multiple Reactor Meltdowns in Progress since 3.11.11   

No Actions Taken.  

Contamination and Killing of Entire Planet

Still in Progress.  

Nothing further to see here. 

Move along.

Facebook is like ….. ‘chairs, chemtrails, doorbells, nuclear meltdowns, airplanes, pollitricks, psychopaths, mutations, radiation, bridges and games..’ and reminds us ‘”the Universe is Vast and Dark and We Are Not Alone”  (1:30 video)

In March 2011, when the FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR REACTORS EXPLODED, CAUSING MULTIPLE REACTOR MELTDOWNS AND TRIGGERING AN ELE / Extinction Level Event:   Facebook was alleged to have merely 800 million members.  

That was a time when news of the global NUCLEAR disaster of multiple reactor meltdowns (censored, hushed and diluted by MSM/Corporate Media as facts and evidence are skewed to protect the guilty), the tsunami (HAARP inspired?) and 8.3 earthquake (HAARP inspired?)  was only reported in fb land.  [Thank you, Facebook!!  We sounded major alarms, globally!]

This changed in December of 2011, at which time the nuclear industry had satisfactorily organized and began implementation of a game plan and media blitz to revoke news of the meltdown from the internet and human consciousness.

The corporate and nuker media deception and cover up continues and escalates to this very day, amplified, contributing to the maiming and ‘shortened life spans’ aka imminent deaths of the Many.

Facebook had brought you the initial truths about Fukushima since 3.11.11 and has not denied the nuclear industry and various national and international alphabet agencies the opportunity to distract and deceive and delude all about the ELE (extinction level event) in progress.   You still think 3+ nuclear meltdowns are somehow ‘safe’ and somehow pose ‘no immediate danger’??  Really, based on what scientific evidence do you believe you and yours are invincible?

That nuclear faction of the online community has served to help with the unemployment concerns by having increasing numbers of paid-provocateurs to keep the Thought Police reserves functioning.

The Nuke Ghettos of FB Land have grown in number and members..… while simultaneously being infiltrated and destroyed from within by a small marauding gang of sonderkommando and supporters of the leading fronting experts of the nuke industry.

You might think that with all the capabilities at our fingertips that news of the ongoing nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima would have gone viral.

With 800 million to 1 BILLION people potentially aware of the extinction we face as a species, and daily compromising of our immune systems, lower fertility and birth rates and earlier death dates….with death tolls rising WHILE the radiation CONTINUES TO SPEW AND CONTAMINATE  the entire planet (including YOUR neighborhood)… might think emergency, life-saving actions would be in order. 

You might think such life-extending measures would be a high priority.

You might think that with the viral opportunities to advise of the urgent need to THINK LOCALLY, ACT GLOBALLY, OCCUPY VIRTUALLY….. many may have heeded the warning cries of NUCLEAR MELTDOWNS IN PROGRESS.

You might think outraged voices from the world community to evacuate the children first, then the entire island, would rise.

You might think the people and governments of the world would immediately unite to resolve or minimize the lethality of the nuclear disaster, while simultaneously organizing the weeks’ time required, with international cooperation, diplomacy and military technology, to put the reactors under water to save humanity, or at least extend the projected existence of humanity by a little bit.

If you thought that the enhanced Information SuperHighway might have helped to save humanity, you thought wrong. 

The forces behind it are bigger than you may think.   They have a plan.   You’re in it! Running in square circles and playing their games, on cue.   Some of you are even helping them keep their games going, as you serve them by promoting nuclear propaganda and other distractions.

Here’s a video with a fb status update from Mark Z…. Facebook Celebrates 1 billion Users With Wonderful Advertisement.

“Facebook connecting a BILLION people is really a big thing which no other Social Networking website was ever able to achieve. What do you think will it touch 2 billion too? I think it will touch 7 billion ! Share your opinion.”

Thanks Mark and Company…..  you couldn’t control the masses as easily without FB.   What’s next……. A Monetized version called ‘REVOLTING’??  Really!!!!!!! ???    Far out!   Trippy!   Plausible Deniability!!!   Just like MTV!!!







HELLO WORLD!!! Facebook says, “JOIN YOUR FRIENDS” …. Lucy Occupy DEMANDS to know, “SAYS WHO!

HELLO WORLD!!! It’s nearly 3.11.  Are you Aware of these GROUPS??  We ARE the media now.  [note: infiltrations high, do your own investigations!]

HELLO WORLD!  Mic Check . . . What we Do and HOW WE DO IT – SPRING DIRECTORY  [note: infiltratonis high, do your own investigations]


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